We all have experienced the results of landscape architecture on a daily basis as we go through our lives, from home to work to public spaces and urban areas. The art of a landscape architect is to bring symmetry and harmony to outdoor spaces that encourages a healthy atmosphere not only with regard to water or green infrastructure, but to our lives as well. Landscape architects help people come together, building or developing ties between individuals and the spaces they live, resulting in a greater sense of community and appreciation of our surroundings

Landscape architects have a passion and an eye for detail. They are problem solvers in the most fundamental way, constantly thinking about all of the pieces that work together in an outdoor space, from the house to the woods, the streets, water run-off, zoning or grading conditions and everything in between. The ultimate goal is to develop solutions that create comfortable and emotional spots outside, that are both a part of the garden as well as the architecture of the home or building it surrounds.

Here are just a few reasons landscape architecture is so important to you and the space in which you live.

Holistic Vision
Landscape architects take into account all factors, not only for the plantings in the area they are designing, but also keeping in mind all the various components that come into play. From geology, hydrology, land management, erosion control and wildlife habitat, all of these things are taken into account before a shovel even hits the ground. The landscape architect is the conductor that brings this environmental “symphony” together, creating beneficial results for the people who use the space.

Innovative Problem Solving
Landscape architects spend a great deal of time listening to their client’s dreams, goals and needs when starting a project, forming a partnership in the process. With this information at hand, they begin the steps of turning the spaces they are given charge into final projects that create a level of excitement and satisfaction for all involved. This doesn’t go without challenges, as they have to determine innovative solutions to a wide variety of unforeseen problems that may be encounter along the way to meet that ultimate goal.

Emotional and Social Benefits
Landscape architecture is not just about the creation of a space, but the building of an environment which strengthens the ties between people and their surroundings. With the ongoing barrage of technology in today’s society and the effect it has on our minds and emotions, a well designed space can help to rejuvenate and restore, adding a significant benefit to your overall well-being and emotional state.

Creating a Sense of Space
We all gravitate to places we enjoy, that make us feel comfortable and create a longing to return when we are away. There’s nothing more satisfying than to turning an unused or underutilized outdoor area of your home into a retreat, gathering space or recreational area. Landscape architects have the experience and training to turn a “ho-hum” spot into a showpiece you’ll share with your friends and family for years to come. From dining and entertainment, pools and paths, sitting spaces or places that encourage your green thumb, your new outdoor environment will encourage both an engagement with nature and greater utilization of your space in the process.

A Sense of Order
Having outdoor spaces that keep an overall goal and vision in mind from start to finish, will result in areas that have a unique sense of order and structure, that flow seamlessly from inside to outside and back again. Much like a well-loved song that you listen to over and over, successful landscape architecture stands the test of time, creating a sense of unity as you navigate between spaces without any hiccups or jolts.

A Sense of Trust
Most importantly, the relationship between a client and their chosen landscape architect is one of trust, collaboration and in some cases, years of ongoing interaction. The training, experience and passion that a qualified landscape architect brings to a project enables an unseen vision to literally become visible, with the introduction of ideas and solutions the client may never have imagined.

A quote from the popular Steven Sondheim musical “A Sunday In The Park With George” perfectly sums up the benefit and skills that a landscape architect has to offer in bringing a vision into reality.

“An idea’s just an idea if it’s only in your head. If no one gets to see it, it’s as good as dead” – George Seurat, Sunday in the Park with George

Here’s to bringing your ideas, goals, vision, and dreams into the light.

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