Located near the idyllic town of Pocasset on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, this spectacular property is situated right on the edge of Buzzards Bay, offering a wonderful, unobstructed water view that makes this area of the state so popular. The goal of this project was that of a re-design and enhancement of an existing pool area and addition of a raised spa, allowing for greater outdoor entertainment, relaxation and to take full advantage of the amazing view at hand.

The planting varieties were specifically chosen because of their low diminutive nature, keeping the view as clear and open as possible. Colors were that of dramatic purple shades from catmint and salvia and were combined with the yellow of the daylily, steel blue of the fescue and the dark green of the dwarf evergreens, all combining to work harmoniously with the greys and blues of the house itself.

This transformative project is another fine example of the collaborative nature we are known for. The thoughts, ideas and dreams of the client were gathered with the result of combining beauty with a very functional design.  Adjacent to the pool itself, a herringbone brick patio with custom granite fire ring was designed and installed, in addition to utilizing a blue-stone capped fieldstone wall that gently separates the various spaces. This combination of form and function allows for additional seating where visitors could split their attention between the entertainment area, the pool and spa, or that of the majestic view of the bay itself.

A treasured family retreat, the results of this project have not only integrated seamlessly into the house itself, but has created an enhanced experience allowing for either private relaxation or larger social gatherings.


Cape Cod Retreat


Buzzards Bay, MA


Elliott Brundage Landscape Architecture - Cape Cod, MA
Elliott Brundage Landscape Architect