In the small community of Southbourgh, just outside of Boston, the MetroWest Field showcases an idyllic project that incorporates the beauty of a home’s surroundings, with a pool & recreational area that fits seamlessly in the aesthetic of the homeowner’s lifestyle.

Acres of lush green views and expansive fields were the starting point, with the desired goal of creating a pool, spa, and cabana that would facilitate both a relaxing focal point and entertainment space for both family and friends.

Established on a perfectly flat site, there were of course a number of challenges to overcome. The first, was to work with the existing patio attached to the home and facilitate an appropriate grading plan to meet the overall goal. A second requirement, was to maximize the amount of sun the location allowed, where certain placements would have encountered undesirable amounts of shade and hindered the overall experience. A final, and crucial element, was to preserve the best views possible, utilizing natural elements and materials, all the while still incorporating the necessary safety features required for a swimming area.

The MetroWest Field project resulted in an 20’x40′ pool, with an 8×8 elevated spa waterfall, and a custom designed pool house incorporating an open fireplace with sitting space, a beautiful bathroom and functional storage area.

Sight and sound work hand and hand in this overall design, with the beauty of natural materials and an elegant, yet simple planting pallet that played a subtle and important role in the overall statement of the project. The pool deck and walkway incorporate a flame-finished granite, while the elevated spa utilizes natural field stone. A unique element of the hot tub is the incorporated waterfall that adds soothing sound to the area as it cascades down into the pool. A surprise feature is a  built-in bench within the swimming pool itself, just  beneath the falls, that allows visitors to sit and soak their hair, and brings an overall delight to the younger members of the household.

Surrounding the inner edge of the elegantly fenced area, are Little Lime Hydrangea, while Russian Sage greets you at one of the custom designed gateways, an Inkberry hedge stands proud outside the unobtrusive fence, while tall natural grasses on the side of the pool house are utilized not only for their beauty, but to help naturally hide the mechanical equipment of the pool.

At the far end of the swimming area, the custom designed cabana was done in a traditional Nantucket style, incorporating colors that followed from the main residence, and facilitates an open area fireplace that allows for seamless flow for entertainment to and from the pool area itself.

As a new client, a working collaboration throughout the process of this project enabled both visibly outstanding results as well as a unique and beautiful oasis for the family for many years to come.


MetroWest Field


Southborough, MA