The Croton Hills project was once an historic farm house from the early 19th century, located in the surrounding area of Wellesley, Massachusetts. A completely renovated and expanded home, it was transformed into a wonderful family retreat and verdant oasis, combining beauty, form and function with some surprising results.

Hired to develop the landscape design for the entire project, the client’s dream was to create an ample large green space in which her kids could play, family could gather and even be transformed via a painted “gridiron” for their annual Thanksgiving day football game on the lawn accessed from the house.

As you step directly out of the residence, you encounter a traditional brick terrace and surrounding fieldstone sitting walls, with plenty of room for socializing or cheering on your favorite team. The large, bluestone steps with grass landings are an inviting transition from terrace to lawn and allowed for easy access for “substitutions” as the game progressed.

Hidden on the north side of the residence is a stone pathway naturalistic in character, connecting the front yard of the home to the rear yard. It features native plantings of perennials, ground covers, flowering shrubs, and evergreen trees. The pathway is dotted with large landscape boulders, naturally nestled between the plants as if they’ve always been there.

A unique feature of this project was the incorporation of a 22ft spruce in the back, as well as transplanting a number of original legacy trees the client had planted for her children at their original residence and now wanted incorporated into this new space.

Whether an area for quiet reflection, large social gatherings, or just fun and frolicking, this project has matured and grown with the family, where kids are now adults and grandchildren will have the opportunity to enjoy their families traditions in this beautiful location.


Croton Hills Residence


Wellesley, MA


Elliott-Brundage-Croton Hills
Elliott-Brundage-Croton Hills
Elliott-Brundage-Croton Hills