Starting in the year 2000, the Hillcrest Farm project has grown into an ongoing relationship, and has culminated into the expansion of additional projects that have enhanced the client’s overall vision of both their home and the surrounding location.

Built from the ground up, the site sits high up on a hill on extensive acreage, overlooking large expansive views of fields and meadows around the property. Taking advantage of this idyllic setting, we strove to enhance and accent the isolated nature of the overall experience of the house and its property.

Originally a livestock farm, which lay abandoned for many years, we set out to collaborate with the client to develop the landscape environment around the house, incorporating many custom elements to show off the unique features throughout the property. Some of which include a pool complex, both shade and vegetable gardens, grand terraces, recreational areas, a formal entry way, as well as custom designed gates and fencing that complement the overall natural landscape.

Of particular note is a long axial view that extends down the center line of a custom bocce court of recessed clay which culminates to a serene bench at the end of the garden. The custom designed gates and wooden arbor were created to help separate the areas in both a distinct and elegant manner.

Working in collaboration with the client and local craftsmen, a strong level of trust was established that led to the vision coming to life in a tangible way over the last twenty years.


Hillcrest Farm


Boxford, MA


Elliott Brundage Lnadscape Architecture
Elliott-Brundage-Hillcrest Farm
Elliott-Brundage-Hillcrest Farm