The Turret House project was one where certainly “no stone was left unturned”. Every inch was developed, with a full landscape transformation that included major upgrades to grading and elevation changes, parking and circulation, redefining outdoor living and recreational spaces, custom courtyard fencing, and railings and extensive new planting additions throughout the entire property.

The existing rear yard was raised several feet and re-graded to create a large level lawn area for outdoor sports as well as creating a closer connection to the completely re-designed wood deck. The goal being to create a greater relationship between the home and the landscape itself.

The existing asphalt driveway was abandoned and re-designed with elegant pavers set in a beautiful radial pattern with raised granite edging. The parking courtyard is enclosed with a tapered post and open lattice fence we custom-designed specifically to blend with the house style and detailing.

Using bluestone and New England flat fieldstone throughout the project, these materials were incorporated to compliment the stone veneer existing on the home foundation.

Striving to bring the landscaping up to meet the house, a retaining wall was designed and incorporated around the perimeter to allow for the backyard to be raised up anywhere from 4 to 7 feet, in a clean seamless fashion.

The Turret House project continues to evolve through an ongoing relationship with the client, through the modification of designs and structures to allow for greater access and flexibility to the property as they grow older.


Turret House


Wellesley, MA